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Art Therapy

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN ARTIST TO DO ART THERAPY.  You don't even have to enjoy the traditonal methods of making art.  Art therapy is a process based experience designed to help us know ourselves better.

Art therapy utilizes the language of imagery, shape, color and form as communication. Sometimes there is a feeling or belief that can not be conveyed through words. Sometimes we are not ready to verbally process our experiences, yet the burden is too large to carry within. Sometimes we feel stuck and as we solidify our narrative by telling and retelling, limiting our abilities to reframe our stories and to move past certain events.

By using art, the client can experience a new form of expression through imagery. The need to describe in words a situation becomes replaced by creative articulation. Meaning comes from the client’s interpretation of their own work, fascilitated by the gentle guidance of the art therapist. The client navigates the exploration, discovering new aspects of themselves, at their own pace and within their own comfort level.

Through art therapy, clients consistently become aware of underlying issues, beliefs and most importantly strengths that were formerly hidden within the confines of vebal expression. By creating the space to explore this domain, clients can then proceed toward healing and achievement of living the life true to the most authentic self.

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